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Getting help for your addictive behavior is a VOTE for YOUR FUTURE! Our Sober Living Resort at The Cleveland House is a great way to start your new future! We are currently offering Special Pricing for a limited time. We are located in South Florida, which has been called the Recover Capital of the World. We are about 45 minutes from Delray Beach, 15 minutes from Ft. Lauderdale, and about 20 minutes from North Miami Beach. Over all of these we prefer our neck of the woods – Hollywood Beach! Come see for yourself how wonderful a new start in recovery can be! We are just 100 Steps from the Ocean, 12 Steps to a new way of Life

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  • Address

    Downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Phone

    (TOLL FREE) 1-888-80-SOBER
    (TXT) 954-931-2500


Cleveland House

12 Steps to a new way of Life

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