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We at Cleveland House are extremely proud of our Home  and our residents. We have had many people come through our doors, some have happy stories - others don't - and a few don't have stories left to write. We can't keep someone here that doesn't have the desire to improve their life situations. The Cleveland House is here, as is recovery, for people that want it, not just need it.

As mentioned, we have successes - we would like to mention a few! First, of course, we have to mention the owner of Cleveland House. Alan opened the Cleveland House with 18 years of sobriety under his belt. Although he was successful in his prior businesses, he found that he was not sufficiently supplying his recovery bank with vital resources. This was the beginning of his move to help others.

Alan R.: Alan is the owner of Cleveland House and has over 28 years of sobriety. He is a dedicated member of AA and is a fixture at meetings, particularly the ones that he hosts at Cleveland House. Alan is a concerned and supportive role model for people coming into recovery with an honest desire to get and stay sober.


Steven Davis

My name is Steven Davis. I'm twenty-eight years old. I was born and raised in Warren, Ohio, about forty-five minutes south of Cleveland. I was raised by divorced parents- an only child of a loving mother. My mother always worked two jobs which left me alone most of the time. Growing up I always felt "less than", and that lead me to try to fit in wherever I could,  which eventually led to drinking and smoking pot.  I was thirteen when I took my first drink: hard liquor, and I blacked out and don’t know what I did that night. I remember the next day swearing not to do it again but little did I know I had opened a door that I would Not be able to shut no matter how much I wanted it to close. The more I drank and used, the worse things got. I was always in trouble with the law. I was always around the older guys because it made me feel secure to be “part of.” I dropped out of school at age sixteen; I thought I could take care of myself. The alcohol and drugs had already distorted my perception and my ability to make decisions. I couldn’t see that it was ruining my life. Over the next ten years my life became a living hell. Always in trouble with the law, stealing, lying cheating—I would do whatever it took to get my booze and drugs.

Eventually I ended up with multiple felonies that prevented me from getting any decent jobs but I don’t think I would have been able to be employed anyway. I destroyed all my friendships and relationships. The girl of my dreams eventually had enough of me too. My family was sick and tired of my lies. Life as I knew it was over and I didn’t care if I lived or died. I hated myself; I was overcome with guilt shame and pity. I never thought my life was going to end up like this when I took my first drink. I felt completely hopeless and I couldn’t see a way out at the time. Little did I know that there was hope on the horizon. I was soon to know life like never before. My life was about to be flipped around and my journey would start at a place called The Cleveland House.

At first I didn’t know what was going to take place. I came to Florida to the Cleveland House because I couldn’t stand looking into my mother’s eyes knowing her only son had amounted to nothing. So I left home not knowing what to expect. I came to Cleveland house March 12, 2005. When I got there, there were guys from all over: Philadelphia, Boston, New Jersey,  etc. They were all just like me- trying to start over and start a new life. There were several different twelve step programs to get involved with. So I hung out with the guys that were trying to stay sober.

I started going to meetings trying to find a solution to my problem. One day I met a man that showed me a perfect design for staying sober and clean. He promised me if I did what he told me that my life would change beyond my wildest dreams and he was right. Today my life is better than I could ever have imagined. I’m getting ready to start my own business. I never thought I could be this happy. I’m not talking about material things; I’m talking about the way I feel on the inside. -- Steven Davis

Kevin K.

Kevin K arrived at the Cleveland House November 26, 2009

I was a 25 year chronic relapse. I had been through treatment 3 times in Hawaii (once at 22 years of age, once at 25, once at 26). Upon finishing my 3rd stay at a treatment center, Castle Hospital and Addictions Center, I began some success in AA. I found a sponsor, home group and started working the steps. Before I knew it, I had one year of sobriety. Unfortunately, I became enmeshed with a 90 day whiner wonder, and relapsed. I became hooked on Crystal Methamphetamine which took me to the verge of destruction. From 1991 – 1994 I maintained sobriety again. However, after another trip back to Hawaii I was under the lash of alcoholism again. Once more I found the program and lasted 5 years, only to, once again slip from the Grace of God. From 2003 – 2009 I was in and out of the program. Busted disgusted and not trusted. Going through job after job. Losing lucrative careers and friendships quickly. I was at the end.

Then GOD shined a light down while I was getting detoxed in George Washington University Hospital. It was Stevie B and the West Side Men's Group. I had previously spoken with Alan at the Cleveland House and he tried to get me to come down. I even made reservations but stopped at a bar on the way to the airport. I did not make it in time for my flight. With my Family's help, they drove me and made sure I got on the plane. Ultimately, I landed in Ft Lauderdale SOBER and was escorted to the Cleveland House by staff. For the first time I met Alan face to face. I remember him saying to me, you can change your life Kevin. I went to the Friday Night Meeting and asked BIG BOOK BILL to be my sponsor. He accepted and told me to READ THE BIG BOOK. I was incredibly hungry. It was the day after Thanksgiving. Alan gave me two turkey sandwiches and sent me off to my room. The next morning I woke and was grateful for ONE LAST SHOT. I had 4 job offers in 3 days. I began meeting people. I went to the West Side Men's Group. Big Book Bill was unable to continue my sponsorship so I threw myself out in the Men's Group and Joe T picked me up. I then met Stevie B and all of the Group. Spike, DJ, Eric, and the rest of the guys.

Alan gave me the opportunity to chair the 7 AM Early Risers Group. I started grabbing people from the West Side Men's Group to come and share. I got speakers from BOCA. They were up at 5:30AM get the donuts and SHOW UP. I became a changed man. I owe my life to South Florida and its recovery program. At one year of sobriety, I went back to the Cleveland House so Alan could give me my one year medallion. I was no longer Busted Disgusted and NOT TRUSTED. Today I assist running a multi million dollar business. I am trusted again. GOD did for me what I could not do for myself. There is not one day that goes by that I do not think about my family in Hollywood.

May GOD BLESS YOU Cleveland House!

Kevin K, Spotsylvania, VA


Mike H arrived at the Cleveland House March 29, 2010 I for one appreciate the Cleveland House for what it did for me. I needed a few months sobriety to get my mind focused in the right direction.

At first I thought there was no way I would be there for 5 months. I figured maybe two at best. I wondered what 5 months would do that 2 months would not. I was so wrong.

It took me over 3 months to start appreciating life sober. It took me 3 months to get to a point where my thought process didn't revolve around drinking. I literally woke up most every day there early on thinking about my next drunk. I kept that $20 in my pocket to be able to get a large bottle if I chose to do so.

I did NOT drink while I was there! I was so close so many times. I even sat down in a bar one time and the barmaid asked "May I help you?". I have no idea where my response came from but I said "no you cannot help me...you can only hurt me" and I got up and left. I was that close.

The night that Nancy spoke I happened to be riding past the 4th dimension club at 5:34. I just left a liquor store and was so close to buying a bottle. As fate would have it, Big Book Bill was there. I shared at length in that meeting and told everyone that Bill was probably the main reason I did not purchase a bottle of Vodka. I told him he has no idea how his sincerity, his kindness, his devotion, his serenity affected me.

As you know, I am not a Big Book Thumper... but Bill had a very profound effect on me. He is what AA should be.

AA meetings are different in Houston. The ones I have gone to try and make me feel stupid if I don't subscribe to everything the Big Book says. This will never happen but being among a few people with one common goal of sobriety is priceless.

I shared one morning on the company that said they would never re-hire anyone for any reason. I am one person away from being re-hired. I am one person away from making a unimaginable salary.

I have to look at myself in the mirror daily and admit that I am one drink away from losing all of this.

It isn't easy!!!

Anyway... I want to thank you. If you ever get discouraged, you need to realize one thing and one thing only: you have saved lives! What a legacy that is. I don't know that I have ever saved a life. I do know that I have damaged a few.

Let it be known that Bike Mike did ride over 100 miles on a bike in one day you had to be out there when I left that morning and asked about it) but more importantly let it be known that he is into his 6th month of sobriety.

He just might be another life you saved.

For that I thank you.

Bike Mike Posted September 15, 2010


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