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Resources Important to Sobriety

We have provided a drop down link to “Bill W. Recordings” because it is so extensive and important. 

Below we are including links to additional recovery resources as well as to sites that will be helpful while at The Cleveland House.  We hope that these will be beneficial and help you during your stay with us!

There are a host of other programs and sources to get your life back, we subscribe to the 12-step programs, but are supportive of any program of your choice – provided it is working for you!

There are also support networks and groups for loved ones of recovering people.  If you are a family member, we recognize the trauma that has likely been caused to you. We encourage you to look into resources and be open-minded.

Links for Family and Friends of People with Addiction followed by Recovery Resources

  • ( For adult children of alcoholics and addicts.
  • ( For family members of alcoholics.
  • ( For co-dependent individuals.
  • Gam-anon ( For family members of gamblers.
  • Nar-anon ( For family members of addicts.
  • S-Anon ( Family & Friends of Sexaholics

Local Links:

To Help while at The Cleveland House

City of Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach is known for its Atlantic Ocean-facing beaches and “Old Florida” feel. Locals and visitors skate, cycle, stroll, and ride foot pedal buggies along Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, a palm-lined brick promenade with tiki bars, seafood eateries, motels, and hotels, including the splashy Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort. The bandshell hosts free concerts while kids play at the waterside Charnow Park.

Broward County Transit

Broward County Transit (BCT) provides fixed route bus, express and community shuttles and paratransit – door-to-door – services in Broward County. Our mission is to provide safe and reliable transportation solutions that link people, connect communities, support employment and contribute to the overall economic growth of our region.

Sun Shuttle / Circuit

Never has getting around in Hollywood been easier or more fun! Leave your car at home and jump on the free electric shuttle service called “Sun Shuttle” by Circuit.  When you are ready to be picked up, simply use the on-demand “Ride Circuit” App to request a pick-up, wave down the closest fleet driver or head to a designated shuttle stop within the service area.

If just one persons life is saved as a direct result, it is worth the effort.
If you need help, just call us Toll Free at 1-888-80-SOBER. You will be very glad you did.




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