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     The Cleveland House is a Sober Living Luxury Resort with all of the amenities, located on beautiful Hollywood Beach, Florida, just 100 Steps from the Ocean and 12 Steps to a New Way of Life! Our Residents come from Treatment and Drug-Rehabs, many have referred to the Cleveland House as being “The Best Men’s Sober Living Facility on the Ocean”.

    We provide a safe, drug-free environment for men wanting to commit to a sober lifestyle. We offer 8 meetings on-site per week along with random drug testing.  If you are serious about your recovery and would like to be in a supportive environment surrounded by the natural beauty of South Florida, you cannot do better than our Sober Living Resort at the Cleveland House!


    Being in Sober Living House, in our estimation, is an extension of a Recovery Facility. The Cleveland House offers random drug screening as well as offering on-site recovery meetings. We encourage entering the journey to a new way of life through sponsorship and working a twelve-step program. Our General Manager, Alan, has been sober since 1985 (we will let you do the math) so he is well versed in all the benefits of living sober as well as the pitfalls that one faces in early sobriety. Alan really has a heart for the hurting and is always available to guide or help if that person is working a program and has an honest desire to grow and change!


    The Cleveland House provides an alcohol and drug-free environment for men that are new to recovery and desire a better lifestyle for themselves. Any man that desires to improve or maintain a sober lifestyle is welcomed at The Cleveland House! We provide the tools and support required to move through the 12 Steps of Recovery! We strive to nurture, encourage, and assist our Residents to maintain their Sobriety One Day at a Time.  Lifelong friends are made at The Cleveland House, failure is turned into success, hope arises from despair, and of the greatest importance: Our residents leave as winners in their own lives!

    Cleveland House

    Living a Sober Lifestyle is not boring in any regard, and at The Cleveland House, we have a lot of fun, laughter and heart-warming moments that produce memories that our residents will cherish and remember all of their lives. From our Beautiful Heated Swimming Pool to Barbecues, the Beach, Bike Riding, Kayaking, Roller Skating, Boating, Fishing, Golfing, and Scuba Diving, we have a lot of fun Staying Sober! There are 8 Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Meetings Every Week in-house, NA Meetings a few blocks away, and-12 Step Recovery Clubs within a 5 Mile radius of the House! We are located on beautiful Hollywood Beach, Florida, where visitors come to vacation from around the World.

    We are in a very safe area, right on the boardwalk, surrounded by Restaurants, Gift and Souvenir Shops and Plenty of Entertainment Venues. There are local events, an outdoor Theater, Festivals, Antique Car Shows, and more all just a barefoot walk from The Cleveland House! Staff lives on the property 24-Hours a day, so there is always someone to listen to your concerns or answer your questions. Alan, the owner, is celebrating well over 30 years of sobriety. One Day At A Time we are staying sober and learning the tools to maintain our sobriety. “The Best Men’s Sober Living Facility on the Ocean” is all about!

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    Your life and Quality of life is most important, recovery is the way!

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      Downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL

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      (TOLL FREE) 1-888-80-SOBER
      (TXT) 954-931-2500


    Cleveland House

    12 Steps to a new way of Life

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